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With Every Touch: A Somershire Duet


Released: 5.15.21 (Titles were previously published individually in 2020)

♥Book 1 - With Every Kiss

Struck by one tragic blow after another, Calvin Everly is on a mission to start his life anew. When an opportunity lands at his feet, he gladly accepts the Greshire family’s offer. But opportunities rarely come without strings attached, and the longer he sticks around, the more tempted he becomes by the family’s daughter, Justine.

Class differences may make the charming beauty off-limits, but will that be enough to dampen the flames of desire between them? Or will passion still ignite their forbidden romance?

♥Book 2 - Her Every Wish

Lady Justine Everly has almost everything her heart has ever desired. With a doting husband and a beautiful estate, nearly all of her wishes have been fulfilled, except for one: a child of her own. When at last she finally conceives, she concocts a plan to surprise her husband Calvin at Christmas with the happy news.

But can she keep the secret growing inside her a surprise until the Christmas bells begin to chime?

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