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For over a decade prior to 2018, Nicole Highland had known she would write a novel someday... she just wasn't sure what exactly she'd write about. Through a series of hardships and trials in 2018, the birth of her first novel, Sweetest Release, was born. It was written as a novel that captured the essence of first loves, second chances, and a love that endured the test of time. Perhaps it wasn't one for the history books, but Devin and Natalie's story will live on for generations to come, which was all Nicole ever wanted in the first place. 

Later going on to publish over 20 additional novels, Nicole found solace and therapy in the stories she wrote, in addition to continuing to focus on her mental health outside of the pages of her books. 

Nicole is not currently writing at this time, however, you may explore her full backlist here, ranging from contemporary titles, paranormal titles, and everything in between.

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