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When Wishes Come True: A Christmas Short Story Duet


Released: 6.5.21 (Titles were previously published individually in 2019/2020)

♥Book 1 - Her Christmas Wish

Maddie Barnes has all but given up hope that she will find true love, but no matter how her heart aches, she still hopes her Christmas wish will come true. When a handsome stranger arrives to pick up the floral arrangements for a holiday party, Maddie finds herself in awe of him, and he’s just as thunderstruck by her, too. Cole Phillips is ecstatic to finally meet the woman his mother has raved about for years. Three years have passed since the passing of his fiancée, but Maddie might just be the key to warming his heart.

As mutual feelings begin to bloom, Maddie hopes her Christmas wish will be fulfilled. But will Cole be able to open his heart again to love?

♥Book 2 - One Very Merry Night

Returning home to Dunford after ten years should give Sienna Weatherford some comfort, but not when it means facing everything she left behind… including Brayden West. After he broke her wistful teenage heart to pieces, she did everything in her power to chase her dreams and leave the life she had firmly behind her.

But when she arrives back in town for the holidays and old desires are sparked anew, will she keep her distance?

Or will she succumb to the temptation of one very merry night?

*Author's Note: Stories vary with steam level, and may not be appropriate for all audiences.*

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