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The Shores of Lake Jackson

The Shores of Lake Jackson book cover

Released: 2.13.22

Ripped apart by the sudden death of a family member and struggling to keep his business afloat, Gabe Campbell knows that life for his family has hit a rough patch that’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. The last thing he needs is any sort of distraction from the female persuasion. Keeping that promise to himself was easy…at least until his gaze zeroed in on Sophia Patterson, an out-of-towner visiting her best friend. He knows better than to trust that a long-distance relationship will work. Better yet, he knows his heart has no business seeking affection when his life is in a state of total chaos. But will he close his heart off to the love of a lifetime? Or can he strike a balance between having the love of his life and building a better life for himself?

♥Author's Note: This novella contains some thematic elements that some audiences may be sensitive to, including the death of a family member, and references to depression, grief, and anxiety. Reader discretion is advised.

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