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Tempted by Truth (Vampires of Somerset, 2)

Tempted By Truth book cover

Released: 2.14.23

Some secrets are more precious than blood…

With the sudden, tragic death of his grandfather, a relationship on the rocks, and a murky future ahead of him, Kellan Marsden swears his senior year couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Until it does.

A journal left from his grandfather holds the key to several strange and mysterious secrets to the universe, but when it disappears, it’s up to Kellan to find it before it ends up in the wrong hands.

But what price will he have to pay to win such a precious heirloom back?

And could such an heirloom truly be worth dying over?

♥ Author's Note: This novella contains some thematic elements that some audiences may be sensitive to, including death of a family member and violence. Reader discretion is advised. It is also best enjoyed in proper reading order, contains no steam, and has an approximate reading time of an hour.

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