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Released: 8.21.19

(Titles were previously published individually in 2018/2019 respectively)

♥Book 1 - Behind Brown Eyes - Love was something Devin Brandt thought he would never feel, but everything changes when he meets Natalie Sorenson during his senior year of high school. Love begins to blossom, but when his aunt Christine informs him that he will have to move at the end of the school year, the hopes and dreams he and Natalie created come crashing down. The strain on their relationship tears Devin and Natalie apart, but will tragedy ultimately reunite them once more?

♥Book 2 - Sweetest Release - As Natalie’s emotions run high and her marriage to James Silverman falls apart at the seams, she must decide if her marriage is worth saving, or if it’s worth a trip down memory lane one more time to rekindle the love she lost with Devin. **This title has a content advisory for brief language, cheating, and references to domestic violence. Please read with discretion, but note there is a happy ending.

♥Book 3 - Sweetest Love - Two hearts. One love. For Natalie Sorenson and Devin Brandt, it took heartache and tragedy to reunite them. Newlywed bliss in the air, but will the darkness from Natalie’s past threaten to derail their happiness? Or will Natalie and Devin finally have the happily ever after they deserve?

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