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Released: May 26, 2023

Safe Haven

With her belief in fairy tales hanging by a thread, the last thing Lexi Baker is expecting—or wanting—is to be ghosted on her first date with a new match. Nor is she expecting to be thrust into the world of some eccentric elderly woman… or her handsome grandson. Those rich brown eyes of his just can’t seem to leave her mind now…


And if Cade McKinley is being honest, he can’t forget the gorgeous, blonde angel he’s crossed paths with, either. But between his life in the real estate world, and having to look out for his family, his mind and his heart haven’t exactly been open to the realm of possibilities…until now. 


Both of them must find a way to open each other’s hearts, but will shadows of the past and present come back to haunt them? Or can they find a safe haven in each other’s arms?

♥Author's Note: This book contains some thematic elements that some audiences may be sensitive to, including references to assault, and references to depression, grief, and anxiety. Steam content is also moderate.

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