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Only In My Dreams: An Anthology of Short Stories


Released: 6.6.21 (Titles were previously published individually in 2019/2020)

♥Book 1 - Business and Pleasure

Driven by success, Sasha Harding has a simple plan: learn as much as possible, be the best graphic artist she can be, and leave her heart at home. And with a strict no-dating policy at Brinkman Advertising, it’s a piece of cake until Nathan Brenner arrives.
Thanks to a mishap on the stairwell, they quickly find their passion for hard work isn’t the only passion they share in common.

Will Sasha be forced to choose between Nathan and her work, or will she be able to enjoy business and pleasure?

♥Book 2 - Furever in Love

Fresh from a dead-end relationship, Laurel Anderson knows life after college will be different. She’s landed a great job, bought her first house, and rescued a kitten from her local shelter; an all-black, fluffy kitten named Shadow.

But when Shadow goes missing, her world gets flipped upside down.

Laurel fears all hope is lost, until her doorbell rings, and more than one pair of sparkling green eyes are staring back at her.

Aiden Ross, the delivery driver she’s been trying so hard to resist, has saved the day and won over Shadow’s heart. But can he win over Laurel’s heart, too?

♥Book 3 - Diamond in the Night

Thrown into an unknown, mystical realm, Serafina Bennett’s only wish is to get back to the trails and bring her missing childhood friend Adelia back home.

When devilishly handsome Gavin Tremayne comes to Serafina’s aid, the two set out on the quest of a lifetime, plunging ahead despite the dangers and pitfalls the forest harbors.

Their quest binds them together and the passion between them grows, but will that be enough to make Serafina stay?

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