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Love at First Bite: A Vampy Anthology


Released: 8.21.19 (Titles were previously published individually in 2018/19 respectively)

♥Book 1 - Darkest Temptation
The two most important rules of the Lockhart vampire coven: Don’t feed directly from humans, and don’t become intimate with mortals. After a lust-filled night, and a deadly mistake, Everett Walker knows he can’t afford to turn another mortal. Now, over a century later, he’s ready to try his hand at love again.

But things are different in this digital age as he discovers Ella Wilkinson online. Beautiful and strong-willed, she’s the mortal temptation he can’t possibly resist.

Worried about getting hurt again, Ella Wilkinson is hesitant when Everett Walker pops up on the dating site she recently signed up for. Seemingly perfect and devastatingly handsome, she decides to reach out, despite the warning signs telling her he’s too good to be true.

Little does she know Everett is hiding a dark secret that will forever change the trajectory of her life.
When the two fundamentally different worlds collide, can everlasting love survive?

**Author's Note: This is a mild-steam novella that can be read as a standalone, and has an approximate reading time of an hour.**


♥Book 2 - Forever My Valentine
Callan Harcourt has never desired a life mate, and he’s never been one to test the boundaries between mortals and vampires. But when his interest is piqued by Brianna Kensington, the veil between the two realms becomes increasingly thin, and staying away from temptation proves to be his greatest challenge yet.

Paths get crossed, lines get blurred, and passion ignites until only one question remains: Will fate sever the ties between the two or can Brianna be Callan’s Valentine… forever?

**Author's Note: This is a steamy, 18+ novella and approximately an hour-long read.**


♥Book 3 - Forever Bound
Zoe Armstrong is used to tiny little ghouls darkening her door on Halloween, but what she isn’t expecting to see is a hot, brooding vampire accompanying her last bunch of the night. She’s certain she’s never seen him before in town, and with a face like that, she would’ve remembered.
But Luca Marchetti is much more than a pretty face–he’s a vampire with a penchant for defending those in need.

When tragedy befalls Zoe’s household, will her life as a mortal be in danger? Or can she find a safe haven in her new protector’s arms?

**Author's Note: This is a steamy, 18+ novella and approximately an hour-long read.**

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