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Dancing Right In: The Complete Crescent Key Trilogy

Dancing Right In book cover

Released: 8.21.19 (Titles were previously published individually in 2019/20/21 respectively)

♥Book 1 - Diving Right In

Still feeling the stinging betrayal of her ex, Serena Westwood has no intention of looking for love in her new home town of Crescent Key, Florida. But when mutual connections and her new job as an interior designer have her and Luke Thornton crossing paths, avoiding his seductive charm proves a lot harder than she expected.

Will Serena throw caution to the wind and let her heart get swept away with the tide?

**Author's Note: This is a mild-steam novella that can be read as a standalone, and has an approximate reading time of an hour.**


♥Book 2 - Splashing Right In

When Jenna McAdams arrives at Bay of Hope Animal Shelter, she knows there’s a good chance her heart will be stolen away by one of the pets. But, she certainly isn’t expecting it to be carried away by a handsome stranger named Zach who is looking to adopt as well. And she certainly wasn’t expecting to exchange numbers with him, either. Convinced it was just a token gesture, she doesn’t give it much thought, but she can’t deny the way he made her heart flutter. She may be giving her new furry friend the shelter he needs, but can she find her own shelter within Zach’s heart, too?

**Please note: This is a clean novella and approximately an hour-long read.**


♥Book 3 - Jumping Right In

When famed romance author Lisa Maxwell’s first novel goes up for sale on an online auction, Sabrina Huffman jumps at the chance to finally get her hands on a copy of her favorite author’s first work. But as fate would have it, the elusive book slips right through her fingertips, leaving her high and dry… and seething. So when she finds a copy at a local antique shop, she’s certain that luck is finally on her side, until a handsome stranger informs her that the book is not for sale.

And although Liam West might be holding the beloved book in his possession… he might just be holding the key to Sabrina’s heart as well!

**Please note: This novella can be read as a standalone, and is approximately an hour and a half long with plenty of beach vibes, and a bit of steam!**

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