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Lovely Little Pages:
A Project Dedicated to the History of Romance


The history of the Romance genre runs far and deep. As a published author myself, I know the immense level of dedication that is required to see a book to fruition. These are labors of love, resulting in hundreds or thousands of hours of work, and often without a very glamorous paycheck at the end of the day. The work is long and tiring, but well worth it in the end, and despite the scorn of some, there's a good reason why Romance is a top performing genre in the publishing industry year after year after year.


Romance has been an integral part of the fiction world as a whole, inspiring and entertaining billions around the planet. Romance gives us hope for not only the characters we read about, but for ourselves as well, every time we can relate to the characters. 


Romance has changed a lot over the years, and while we don't see clinch covers as much, and stepbacks are few and far in between, it's important to record and preserve the rich history of Romance and the authors and fine artists that made this genre so iconic. 

The goal of Lovely Little Pages is a simple one: to archive the art of romance. To do that, we're working to build a massive database of all the deets from the genre of Romance... and we need YOUR help! 


If you have a collection or have info to share, get involved today using the button below!

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